Project Management

The Expert Project Manager do,

The project manager is key to accomplish the predefined objectives or activities within certain period of time & budgeted cost. The project manager is responsible to do a good quality work via making good profit for the contractor as well & quality work for the Sri Lankan community that they need the excellent work for their every single cent which they will have to pay in short term or long term.

Therefore the project managers should comply with certain key characteristics.

The skills can be divided in to

1. Hard skill

2. Soft skill

Hard skill may consist with

1. Ability to define project outline

2. Ability to Plan with time, budget & Managing the Quality

3. Ability to monitor the plan long term basis

4. Ability to select alternative system, if the definite plan starts to goes wrong

5. Ability to quality controlling & monitoring to meet specified technical condition

6. Should comply with the contractual knowledge to deal with sub contractors

7. Should have a knowledge in legal at various of conditions of contract, public issues, dealing with government body etc

8. Should have a keen knowledge about other various departments may involve in project like Administration, quality control, construction, machine & equipments etc.

9. Ability to financial management & controlling the risk

Soft Skill may consist with

Soft skill may lesser to define exactly what the specifically project managers should have, But we can frame worked the that as much as possible the experience of success projects

1. Strong Leaderships to action, continuation, if deviate from specified goal effectively changing

2. Excellent communication skill to deliver the setting goals, prioritizing, completion, quality etc..

3. Remarkable presentation skill to deliver the massages about current situation, quality conditions, how to improve, current progress, awareness program encountered problems, predicting future situation…Etc.

4. Strong ability to motivate the team members & keep they are in line

5. Active listening to understanding peoples’ minds & their thoughts

6. Strong ability to unfold about their behavior & should have better understanding of key members’ ability, potential etc…

7. Ability to make knowledge, ideas, information sharing environment, to produced better experienced peoples

8. Priority given to the people who are trusting & respectable, for their further education, professionalism, scholarships form company budget or release for education

9. Should have negotiating ability.

10. Problem solving ability in short term & long-term basis

11. Project manager should be the representative of project for most public cases.

The above mentioned skills should equally manage to success complete of project. The softer skills may vary from person to person according to their personality & experience of the project life.

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