Road Construction Safety

Safety Rules of Road Construction Project

These safety rules of road construction project should be taken as conditions of employment. Every effort ought to be designed to convince the men that they are for his or her personal protection. If this should fail the safety rules ought to be enforced.

  • The first  safety rule of road construction  is barriers and/or signs should be erected and safety comes and stop/go bats were designed as  set  out  in  the  “Provision  for  Traffic”  specification  to  avoid  injury  to  workers  by passing vehicles and also the traveling public.
  •  Substantial  safety  rails,  securely  bolted,  are  to  be  erected  in  all  cases  where  it  is considered  necessary  to  provide  protection  for men against contract with, proximity to, falling previously mentioned onto or into machinery or harmful substances, or injury because of height of fall.
  • The important safety rule for road construction work should be that approved  safety  guards  are  to  be  fitted  to  all  items  of  machinery  or  plant  where practicable.  Guards  so  fitted  are  to  be  removed  or  adjusted  by  authorized  persons  only and therefore are to become inspected at regular intervals to ensure they are serviceable and afford adequate protection.
  • Safety rule for Plant operators are to :
    1.  Walk around their machines to ensure the significant area is apparent in men and obstructions before moving off.

    2.   Ground all buckets cutting edges and so on before leaving the guarana plant for job breaks, knock-off, etc.
  • Nobody apart from the operator or authorized persons (e.g. Driver Instructor) would be to ride on plant.
  • No  employee  will  be  permitted  to  operate  designated  plant  or  machinery  or  explosive- powered tools or be the dogman, hoist driver, rigger or scaffolder unless he’s the holder of the current “Certificate of Competence” or perhaps a “Permit like a Learner”. Within the latter case the person must work underneath the supervision of the certificated man.
  • Suitable safety gear is going to be worn or used all the time, including –
    1. Safety helmets if you find danger of damage from falling or flying objects.
    2. Safety jackets when workmen might be subjected to injury risk from passing vehicles and plant.
    3. Any other components of protective equipment for example gloves, goggles, ear muffs and also the like, particularly if handling dangerous substances.

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