Project Management

Site Inspection of Project Management

The next stage of project planing of project management is the site inspection. The  project documents  should be examined on the ground in relation to the site conditions, noting special features which will affect entire project progress or cost.

Some of the key factors to be considered during this site inspection are:-

• Possible camp sites and details of any alternative accommodation facilities.
• Access to the site by road and rail; rail unloading facilities.
• Access to the actual working areas.
• Disruption of private accesses.
• Alterations to utility services {Check details on plans).
• Availability of public facilities – ambulance, medical and hospital services, telephone, postal, gas stations, fuel and oil depots.
Traffic control during construction (side tracking, detouring).
Sources of  water  and power.

Features requiring special  attention 

(a) Grades, ground shape and stratification.
(b) Places where construction problems may occur,
– steep sloping ground
drainage and seepage areas
– nearby  buildings  likely to be affected by job vibrations.

(c) Possibility of in-situ or nearby material suitable for:-

– selected fill,  shoulder or pavement 
pipe bedding
stone pitching
– side track paving.