Project Management

Project Management – Staffing

The next step of  project management  steps is staffing as the required. Organizing  is  concerned  with  the  division  of  work  and  setting  up  the  structure  of  the workforce,  whilst  project management staffing  provides  people  to  carry  out  and  supervise  the  work  within  that  organizing structure .

The allocation of supervisory staff is controlled by the Site Engineer, but otherwise the engagement of labor for the job is the duty of the job supervisor. Since the efficiency of the job  depends  to  a  large  extent  on  the  quality  of  the  men  employed,  the  supervisor  owes  it  to himself to be careful and critical in his selection.

Points to be remembered in engaging and transferring labor include:-

•    Preference clauses of the relevant awards must always must be observed when engaging men or transferring them from one class of work to another.

•    Labor is to be engaged through the Commonwealth Employment Service nearest the job.

•    Preference should be given to the men with the longest registration who are suitable.

•    Suitable men offering for employment, other than through an Employment Service may be engaged,  but  the  job  supervisor  should  keep  himself  informed  of  labor  available  by maintaining  contact  with  the  Employment  Service  to  ensure  that  wherever  practical  {and consistent with efficiency) local men are employed.

•   Next important factor of project management staffing is   Transferring men from job to job enables the project to retain capable employees and provides continuity of employment for the men. However consideration should be given to the costs involved and the availability of suitable labor in the vicinity of the new job. Plant operators are often transferred with their machines. Co-operation between foreman and co-ordination by the overseer or Engineer is necessary to effect transfers with the minimum of inconvenience to the jobs.

•    Newspaper advertisement stating the type of work, location of work and the relevant Award is useful for obtaining skilled personnel.

•    The  job  supervisor  is  responsible  for  ensuring  that  the  methods  of  engaging  labor  are honest and free from favoritism and bias.

•    Special attention must be given to owner-drivers and only bonafide owner-drivers shall be engaged. No truck owned by the foreman or ganger, or in which the foreman or ganger has a direct  or  indirect  financial  interest  is  to  be  hired.  Sub-contract  loading  and  carting  should always be considered as an economic alternative.

•    The engagement of labor for Main Roads works is subject to close scrutiny by interested people and it is therefore essential not only that sound and just methods are followed but that sufficient records of engagements are maintained to enable criticisms and complaints to be fully  investigated .

•    The  help  of  the  Driver  Instructor  should  be  sought  when  engaging  or  transferring  plant operators.

There may be occasions when he is not available and so it is then the job supervisor’s duty to discuss  the  matter  with  the  plant  inspector  and  to  ensure  that  the  operator  holds  a current endorsed license and certificate of competency for the particular machine to be operated.

•    All  new  employees  must  be  told  when  they  are  engaged  that  it  is  a  condition  of  their employment that they comply with all safety regulations, in particular those concerned with wearing of safety clothing.

Any  other  conditions  of  employment  should  also  be  brought  to  the  attention  of  job applicants.