borrow excavation Road Construction

Borrow Excavation

Stock piling
1 The stock piling area would be properly cleaned to be free from clayey or otherwise unsuitable and The contractor would exercise all reasonable care to avoid contamination of approved material by the inclusion of clayey or otherwise unsuitable from the floor of the borrow pit, from overburden or from unsuitable layers.

2 Drainage facilities would be provided by lowering the surrounding ground to avoid the undesirable changes in the moisture level due to the stagnation of water around the stock pile.

Safety Plan

1 Site Staff and Labor
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety boots and helmets would be provided with workers.
• All tools, plant, equipment and temporary facilities and all other items use to carry out the work should be in a safe, sound and good condition.
• Signalmen would be deployed if the work spaces disturb traffic flow in the main road.  A traffic supervisor would also be deployed to take responsibility over the traffic control.
• First Aid Facilities: First aid facilities such as a first aid box would be made available for in case of minor injury treatment.

2 Safety Control
a. All workers would be educated in the use of excavators and backhoes, such as the excavator arm & bucket distance and buffer zone in order to prevent from injuries.
b. Signalmen would be deployed in order to alert workers and traffic on the road.

Environment Control
a. Strict environmental compliance would be implemented with regard to disposal of any demolished debris.  The debris in question would be transported and dump in the disposal areas as approved by the Engineer.
b. Disposable materials would not be dumped into streams or unauthorized areas.
c. Every effort would be made not to disturb prevailing surface water run off.  In case of prevailing surface water run off could be disturbed then investigation would be conducted to find out proper irrigation channeling system.

Social Aspect

a. Workers involved in construction in this area would be educated with regard to HIV/AIDS prevention. Separate HIV/AIDS prevention education program would be conducted along with Medical Officer of Health / Public Health Inspector.
b. Relevant authorities would be educated with regard to project affected people prior to start work in these areas. Leaflets and other sources of education material with regard to construction shall be distributed among the project affected people.
c. Every effort would be made to minimize the disturbance from the project.
d. If not convince to an affected person with regard to disturbances every effort would be made to direct them to Residents Engineer for amicable settlement.