Earth Works Road Construction

Terms Used in Earthworks – Part2

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Cutting : That portion of the road where the finished road surface is below natural surface.

Earthworks : All operations involved in loosening, removing and depositing or compacting earth, soil, or rock; or the material when so placed.

Embankment * : A bank or fill.

Fill : • The depth from the finished road surface to the natural surface below.
• That portion of a road where the  pavement surface  is above the natural surface.

Grade : • To design the longitudinal profile of a road.
• To secure a predetermined level of inclination to a road or other surface.
• To shape or smooth an earth, gravel, or other surface by means of a motor grader or similar implement.

• To arrange aggregate or other material in accordance with particle sizes.

Grading : The percentage of the various grain sizes present in a soil or other material.

Grading : The operation of shaping the surface of a road to a definite longitudinal and cross section , either mechanically or by hand.

Grubbing *: The removal from the ground of trees, roots, stumps, small rocks etc. to a depth of one foot below the surface of the ground.

Haul : The distance through which material is transported between points of leading and unloading.

Pit : An open surface working from which sand, gravel, or earth is excavated from its natural bed.

Selected filling : Filling in accordance with requirements set out.

Settlement : A downward movement of the soil or of the structure it supports by the reduction of the voids in the underlying ground.

Side cut : That portion of a road on sloping ground where one edge only of the formation is in cut and the other edge is on the natural surface or on fill.

Sidelong (ground) : Sloping transversely to the road.

Spoil : Surplus excavated material.

Stockpile : A heap or stack of material held in stock for future use.

 Stripping  : The removal of the upper layer or soil or over burden (including contained roots, humus or stones); or the material so removed.

Sub-grade : The trimmed or prepared portion of the formation on which the  pavement  is constructed.

Surface formation : The excavation, removal and proper utilization in low  embankment construction  of material from the route of the road or from borrow pits, usually adjacent to the road.

Tamping : • The compaction of a loose material or a surfacing by repeated blows.
• The placing and packing of filling material in a drill hole, either above the explosive charges or between and above the  explosive charges .

Earth Works Road Construction

Terms Used in Earthworks – Part 1

The following terms used in earthworks regularly. You need to understand these terms thoroughly will help you to read and communicate with others very well.  

Backfilling     :  The material replaced in an excavation.

Batter              :The uniform side slope of walls, banks, cuttings etc.The  degree of such slope, usually expressed as – horizontal to 1 vertical as distinct from grade.

Batter             :  To from a uniform side slope to a wall, bank, or cutting.

Bench             : A ledge cut in the batter of a cutting in a curve to provide sight distance. A ledge cut or formed in the batter of a cutting or bank to provide greater security against slips.

 Borrow           :  Filling obtained by excavating at some point other than the cuttings required for the construction of the road.

Borrow          :  To obtain  filling  from some point other than the excavation required for the work.

Borrow pit   :  An excavation outside the formation limits for obtaining filling.

Box cut          :  That portion of the road where both sides are in cut.

Boxing            :  The space formed above the level of the sub-grade by the shoulders to receive the paving material.(Box)

Clearing   *    :  Felling of all trees and scrub – by cutting or breaking off not higher than 0.7 m above ground level including the removal of all artificial obstructions including fences,old buildings, unless otherwise specified.  (  Grubbing )

Compaction  :  The process of reducing the volume of a material by including the closer packing of its particles by rolling, tamping, or other mechanical means.

Compact       :  To reduce the volume of a material by including the closer packing of its particles by rolling, tamping or other mechanical means.

Consolidation :  The process by which earth or soil reduces in volume over a period of time usually involving loss of water.

Consolidate  :  To reduce in volume naturally.

Cut                   :  The depth from natural surface of the ground to the finished road surface below.

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