Motor Grader Road Construction

What are the uses of Motor Grader?

Uses of motor grader can be classified to followings. 

  •     Mix two or more materials to form base or sub-base materials.
  •     Mix the water into a material ready for compaction.
  •     Dry material  with to much water content.
  •     Spread the material to the required depth.
  •     Shape the cross-fall of the road surface.
  •     Level or trim the finish of a road surface to better than ± 5mm.
  •     Trim and grade shoulders.
  •     Cut or clean side drains.
  •     Scarify existing surfaces (Scarifying attachment fitted).
  •     Trim batters .

Tips on Productivity of Motor Grader.

  • No Idle time
  • As a Motor grader is an expensive machine to hire or own, every attempt should be made to keep it 100% utilized.

Motor Grader Operator Training.

A well-trained and experienced operator will use the machine to the greatest efficiency. Time spent in training is never wasted. All of the manufacturers and most of suppliers of  motor graders  have trained personnel for this purpose and also have literature and videos for hire or purchase. If the motor grader is being hired then some time in observing the operator should be carried out. If the operator does not seem experienced enough then talk to the hire firm to see if the operator could be replaced or under go further training.

Program work of Motor Grader.

An idle Motor grader is costing money. A small time spent in producing a program for the working of a grader will save much expense. For example in laying of Overlay material a small program would be as follows.

  •     Motor Grader  scarifies and shapes 1st and 2nd sections for overlay.
  •     Motor Grader  cleans drains and does shoulder work while material is placed on the scarified 1st section.
  •     Motor Grader  scarifies 3rd section then spreads and trims 1st section while material is placed on 2nd section.

This process would be repeated with maybe minor changes due to unexpected conditions.