Traffic Control

Traffic Control- Center Line Setting Out

In accordance with RDA, Traffic Control Methods the following traffic operation procedure          would be adapted in order to control traffic.
• Men at work 75m-100m ahead sign boards would be placed on both left hand side of the road.
• 25m away from men at work sign Narrow Road/one lane traffic sign would be placed in order to notify the drivers with regard to road situation.
• Working area will be cordon with traffic cones to identify survey setting out to oncoming traffic on both sides.
• “One way Traffic ahead” sign boards would be placed 90m ahead of working area in order to notify oncoming drivers.
• Traffic priority board would also be placed for controlling traffic.
• Traffic controllers would be deployed on both sides in order to control the traffic.
• Photographs would be taken to disseminate and maintain traffic safety records.
• Specially any place where the road is narrow, allowing of one way traffic would be adopted.

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