Usage of self compacting concrete

Guidance to production & Practices of self compacting concrete in Sri Lanka. The Usage of  self compacting concrete  in precast industry is offering both engineering & financial benefits.

Usage of self compacting concrete varied from, The certain quality control measures has to be carried out to produce best quality self compacting concrete.

  • Production of self compacting concrete staff should have trained skilled persons
  • Testing of aggregate grading and moisture content should  often carried out because of SCC more sensitive than normal concrete.
  • Workability tests should be carried out for every batch until the results to be consistent & compliant. It also guides to check visibility of each batch before send to the site.
  • The segregation limits during the placement of concrete are, maximum free fall 5 m and distance of flow circled 10 m from shooting point.
  • Curing has to be carried out as soon as practicable after placing in order to minimize the risk of shrinkage cracking.
  • Fiber reinforcement concrete also can be used the self compacting concrete

Precast Concrete Industry

The wide ranges of precast are produced by precast suppliers such as columns, beams, slabs, paving slabs, sewerage tanks, Hume pipes, box culverts etc…  in Sri Lanka. The hardened precast products are installed at the site with combining the in-situ concrete according to structural design.

Usage of self compacting concrete for the precast industry may immensely influenced to precast production rate because SCC can be design to get high early strengths which will help to early de moulding process to continue pre-stressing purpose or next production step.

The SCC is normally required less time to transportation and placing, therefore consistence retention is not necessary, allowing the use of a SCC having a short consistence retention, fast set and early strength development. This faster start of the hardening process is beneficial for the early strength, required to maintain the production cycle.

Another benefit of the usage of Self compacting concrete for precast industry can casts complex shapes as necessity of architectural designs and increasing the life time of the form work or molds just because of absence of the vibration. Nice smooth surfaces are increasing the attraction to the products.

Usage of Self compacting concrete urgently required in presently in Sri Lanka to the precast industry as well as the construction projects and I am suggesting it to use in precast industry as a starting point which will help to aware the peoples and to motivate the investors to use modern technology in Sri Lanka.

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