Motor Grader Road Construction

How to maintain Motor Grader – 3

Front Wheel Lean of Motor Grader.

If a motor grader is working and the mouldboard either takes too much material or strike an immovable object the motor grader will slip sideways at the front to the direction of cut. To overcome this a motor grader has been fitted with ‘Wheel Lean of motor grader’. The front wheels should lean to the side of the flow of material, or that is away from the cutting side.

Articulation of the Frame.

Most modern motor graders have ‘Articulated Frames’. The main reasons for articulation is;

This extra reach can be used to keep the driving wheels of motor grader on firm ground while the front wheels and the end of the mouldboard could be on unstable or steep ground.

  • Small Radius Turning.

This extra sharp turning is used in construction of small radius curves such as found in  rural roads  or cul-de-sac The operator can also use this to turn the motor grader about in a small area.

WARNING! When turning with the motor grader articulation, care must be taken to avoid the corner of the blade coming into contact with the rear tyres.

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